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Urban Center Cancun

Membrane Building Envelopes

Enclos Tensile Structures specializes in the design, engineering, and installation of innovative membrane building envelopes. Our building envelope systems provide architects and developers with flexible solutions ranging from discrete building components like membrane roofs and facades integrated into conventional construction to complete membrane building envelopes.

While we sometimes utilize PTFE and PVC materials for building envelopes, the most common material request we receive is for ETFE membranes. ETFE is employed either in a single layer membrane or as a pressurized multi-layer cushion.

At just a fraction of the weight of glass, the advanced ETFE, PTFE, and PVC membrane materials we craft our structures from require minimal structural support, which allows us to create amazing, fanciful tensile membrane structures previously unimagined. Our membrane building envelopes are low maintenance, can be designed to allow filtered daylight, and are sustainable.

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