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Celebrate Easter By Checking Out These 8 #eggcellent Egg-Shaped Buildings

By April 5, 2015February 23rd, 2018Uncategorized

Easter egg shaped buildingsFrom check out these 8 egg-shaped buildings.

Celebrated as one of the most durable and efficient forms found in nature, the egg has served as design inspiration for projects far and wide. To take advantage of our temporary eggs-ray vision, Inhabitat rounded up some of their favorite egg-shaped building designs from all around the world. Hit the jump to see some great projects from architects who share an appreciation for the quirky ovoid form.

And while none of these buildings are tensile membrane, doesn’t mean they couldn’t have been. ETFE and PTFE architectural fabrics have taken on some wild shapes in their time – just check out FabriTec’s own Central Park at Playa Vista. Would you call this bandshell ovoid shape?