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FabriTec Puts Safety First With Annual Safety Training

By February 23, 2018September 13th, 2019Events

The construction industry is known to be a potentially dangerous job for construction workers. For this reason, FabriTec believes that the best way to combat the dangers involved in construction is by providing our workers with the best safety training to complete their jobs effectively and securely.

In late November FabriTec team of qualified construction workers began their safety training for the rigging and other equipment certifications. For the rigging training, we brought in National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators Operator and Corporate Trainer/Inspector, Kevin Lovelidge. It also entailed forklift training

FabriTec also conducted rope access training, for safety in high altitudes, in late January. A rope access certification is globally recognized as a  to exemplify the ability to safety access and work on areas of a building or structure that would otherwise take an expensive equipment or is impossible to reach by any other means. For the rope access training, we had a rope access pioneer Scott Mohon with Elevated Access.

For both the rigging and rope access training, the are three different levels of certification. Our safety training was an overall success resulting in our team members receiving certifications at all levels. FabriTec takes pride in providing our workers with the right tools and training to make their job as safe as possible.