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FabriTec Structures, Shade Concepts Founder Claude Centner Retires

By January 17, 2022News

Claude Centner shade concepts shade structures fabritec structuresAfter 28 years in the tension structure business, Claude Centner, a founding partner in Shade Concepts, Shade Structures, USA Shade and Fabric Structures, and FabriTec is retiring from this business that captivated and survived him for all these years.

Pfeifer Structures North America, a division of Pfeifer out of Memmingen, Germany, acquired 100% ownership of FabriTec at the end of 2020.

“I’m humbled by the amazing experience of seeing this business grow from what I consider a passionate pipe dream in the early 1990s to a world-class multi-dimensional specialty structure, design and build an organization, that has global capabilities and continues to grow from strength to strength”, as quoted by Claude Centner.

“The key to the companies continued success is the people in the organization, their experience and their unique capabilities in this market sector, not to forget to mention the comradery that goes with developing a fine-tuned machine, I am just proud as heck to have been part of it. I have many fond memories of the last 28 years, all mostly good, I am truly grateful to my partners and the employees I have had the honor to work with over all these years. Thank you!”

Claude will continue to assist where possible but will be focusing more on taking some time to be with his family, doing a bit of travel, spending more time on his boat, and getting more involved in some of his philanthropic non-profit organizations. He is also considering some board positions that he has been offered. “Mental stimulation and being active is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle moving forward”.

“To all my colleagues, friends, and acquaintances that I have dealt with over the many years, farewell and have a happy life. Cheers!!”