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FabriTec Spearheads Tensile Membrane Canopy Design

By April 28, 2016September 14th, 2017Project Development

From Tensinews, Newsletter Nr. 30, April 2016 Tensile Membrane Canopy

florida state university doak campbell stadium champions club tensile membrane canopyFabriTec had been contracted to design, engineer, fabricate, supply, and install two identical tensile membrane canopies supported by steel and cables at the Seminoles’ south end zone in accordance with the University’s plans to build a premium club seating section at the south end of the Doak Campbell Stadium. The tension structures will be PTFE Chukoh Skytop 800 architectural membrane and cantilever out over the stadium seats from columns located on a new club level deck.

The canopy was designed to serve two purposes: 1. to protect their patrons from the sun and rain, and, 2. to provide shade while also securing a good view of the game for all fans. to do this FabriTec had to give it an unconventional design to assure the canopy’s columns wouldn’t disrupt their line of sight.

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