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FabriTec To Design And Build ETFE Bridge in Lone Tree Colorado

By May 3, 2016September 14th, 2017Project Development

Bridge in Lone Tree Colorado

leaf pedestrian bridge in Lone Tree ColoradoFabriTec announces plans to provide final design and engineering of an ETFE roof of a much anticipated pedestrian bridge in Lone Tree Colorado. Structural cabling is being supplied by PFEIFER Group who acquired FabriTec in May 2016. The pedestrian bridge was voted on and passed by the Lone Tree City Council in June, is intended to increase passenger safety on a section of road that sees 89,000 cars a day.

The architects on the project are Fentress Architects, they made the initial design for the bridge that will stretch 170 feet over Lincoln Avenue. The design was set to give the the bridge, the ETFE roof, and its surrounding area an iconic look. To accomplish this they started by giving the bridge a giant leaf-shaped mast, that will rise nearly eight stories high.

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