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Floating Tension Fabric Structures

By October 31, 2014February 23rd, 2018About Tensile Membrane Architecture

Barge Museum Structure FabriTec SketchUpTension fabric structures are a natural fit for landscapes on or near the water. With their sail-like membrane and stainless steel hardware, fabric structures give that nautical effect quite effortlessly. Designed to code and with the proper material finishes, these structures can withstand heavy winds and rain, mold and mildew too.

FabriTec has designed and built tension fabric structures aboard sailboats, cruise ships and even barges – like the one pictured. This unique FabriTec design was commissioned by owners of a floating museum. Tensile membrane structures adorn many a pier up and down the US’s east and west coasts. Check out the structure at the Stockton Waterfront Marina and Royal Caribbean Majesty of the Sea to see examples.

From simple shade structures, to traveling museums, to band stands, to ferry terminals, tensile membranes become more than a protective shelter from the sun, they are instant iconic points of interest. Got an idea for using a Fabric Structure on the waterfront we haven’t thought of yet? Send us a comment or, even better, a sketch or look for us at