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Gold Is For: Making An Olympic Stadium

By August 15, 2016September 12th, 2017Awards

Olympic Stadium

london olympic stadiumGold is for…
Those who can bear the weight.
Those who can span the distance.
Those with superior tensile strength.
Those who stand the test of time

FabriTec Structures congratulates the record-breaking U.S. Swim team and U.S. Girls Gymnastics team on their monumental medal haul at the 2016 Rio Olympics. At FabriTec, we know what it means to go for gold.

In 2012, FabriTec celebrated its own Olympic achievements as a key member of the award-winning team who brought home the 2012 IFAI International Achievement Award for the Dow Olympic Stadium Wrap. Read more about FabriTec’s role in the design and engineering of the Stadium. The London Olympic Stadium wrap encircles an area of over 200,010 square feet and includes 306 panels; each twisted 90 degrees from top to bottom in the form of a helix, and each spanning 8 ½ feet wide by 80 feet in height.

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