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Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention, Even For Tension Fabric Architecture

Gila River Lone Butte Casino_FrameSppt_PTFE

If necessity is the mother of invention then your mother would likely call you her greatest invention. And although you grew up doing chores like washing the dishes, washing the family car, washing the family dog, and washing the windows, you may have felt that the only reason you existed was because of your parents’ need for a cleaning service. But your invention was actually born out of pure passion. 

Tension fabric architecture was born of both necessity and passion. Architects who design tensile membrane structures are passionate about the place where form meets function. They’re passionate about the incredible feat that fabric performs; when under tension it become as strong as steel. They’re excited by the curves of a membrane roof and the undulating surface of a porte-cochère. But tension structures also meet the needs of builders looking for everything from lightweight translucent alternatives to glass, to the sustainable properties of a greener material. Tensile design can meet an architect’s need to leave an indelible mark on a city skyline.

The FabriTec Structures’ gallery of projects features hundreds of designs come to fruition and ignited by passion to meet the needs of every industry imaginable – from zoo enclosures to waterparks, stadiums, cruise ships, transportation hubs, museums, parks, concert venues, public buildings, and regal restaurants.

What necessity will you invent to make tensile membrane design a part of your next collaboration?