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Secuencia La Rioja Urban Center Guadalajara, Mexico

By March 24, 2016March 7th, 2018Media

Secured by FabriTec Structures’ Latin American team, this time lapse video depicts the construction process for Urban Center La Rioja’s tensile membrane roof. A second video is available depicting the landing and tensioning of the PTFE fabric membrane. Visit our YouTube page by clicking here to watch the video.

Urban Center is a successful Mexican shopping center brand with six locations in four cities. The key to their success is their carefully planned locations, the quality of their architecture, and the combination of shopping and entertainment spaces.

FabriTec, in collaboration with prestigious Architect/Developer Central de Arquitectura, has designed an extraordinary structure that rises 46 feet above the ground level. The suspended roof is supported by six 80-meter-high masts. From the top of the masts, a series of steel cables provide stability to the fabric roof and connects it with the building. The use of cables allowed FabriTec engineers to reduce the size of the steel members that support the structure; the result is a structure that can cover a 138 feet long with thinly rolled steel beams. The structure is located in the main atrium of the shopping center.