With the popularity and demand for tensile structures growing, Enclos Tensile Structures (ETS) finds itself welcoming new opportunities daily to collaborate early on with architects, engineers, and owners in a method of design-assist architecture.

With so many architectural styles and so many industries, architects and engineers may come to a project with different backgrounds and expertise. Tensile structure design is its own specialized field of architecture, attracting industrial designers and architects who understand the fundamentals of shape, form, and function and whose creativity and technical ability make them well-suited for the job.

As your design-assist partner, Enclos Tensile Structures (ETS) is here to help you take your concept from design to reality by providing advanced 3D modeling and animation using proprietary software developed by our own people and utilized industry-wide.

As the lightweight architecture industry’s leading experts, we can do more than just provide input on material options like cable, glass, wood, ETFE, PTFE, and PVC. With design assistance from Enclos Tensile Structures (ETS), you’ll enjoy the added benefit of working hand-in-hand with our in-house engineering team that, through cost and budget analysis, may recommend alternative steel options and connection details for a value-engineered design that fulfills the design’s functional needs, is aesthetically pleasing and still meets cost requirements.

Wind and snow loads, snow guards, ice damns, gutters, electrical, and other concerns are handled during the 3D modeling phase instead of on the site, where it could impact construction trades.

Our highly experienced team has developed many award-winning and critically acclaimed lightweight systems, which adorn some of the most dramatic and monumental projects built in the new millennium. These projects include stadiums, airports, amphitheaters, resorts, transit centers, and hospitals. Because each lightweight system is a one-of-a-kind creation from an architect’s imagination, the possibilities are boundless.

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