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Ultrasonic Testing Steel

By November 9, 2015September 15th, 2017About Tensile Membrane Architecture

Ultrasonic Testing Steel

The image at left depicts a gentleman with Ultrasound Testing equipment inspecting a steel project recently completed for a client in the Chicago area. The project is ShopWithMe, the first portable, all-in-one pop-up store solution for brands and retailers to display and sell their products in a futuristic environment, anywhere in the world.

As part of our requirement for our AISC certification, all testing is done in accordance with AWS D1.1 structural welding code. Before any steel leaves our steel shop, Michael Cameron, our in-house Senior Certified Welding Inspector and Quality Manager, visually inspects the welds. Ultrasound Testing (UT) or other non-destructive testing is done by an outside 3rd party inspection company. UT is required on any project that has a complete joint penetration “CJP” and a wall thickness of greater than 5/16” wall thickness. All UT inspectors must be at least a level II inspector in order to interpret the imaging.

FabriTec Structures is a vertically integrated design/build shop with steel factories right here in the USA. Read more about Steel Fabrication by clicking here.

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